Villa Magna

By on 12 March 2013.

L – P : Archaeology are one of the collaborators on this international project, working in close conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania, the British School at Rome, and the Universita di Trieste. L – P : Archaeology formed an integral part of the excavation team.

With remains ranging from the an Imperial Roman villa to an early Medieval Monastery and no previous archaeological works, Villa Magna represented a unique opportunity to implement the ARK system from the earliest stages, at a site of international importance. The integration of spatial data within the structure of a constantly updated database, geo-referenced and digitised using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), both informs and shapes the excavation process.

The flexibility of ARK modules was perfectly suited to the diverse nature of the research objectives, with data entered in both English and Italian. L – P : Archaeology was involved in the excavation seasons and through the continued evolution of the ARK system, instructing an international field school in recording techniques, and the online publication of the excavation database.

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