The current ARK release is v1.1, hosted on Sourceforge. Download Now

ARK v1.1 is available on our Sourceforge page now. This latest release builds greatly on the successes of version 1.0 with exciting new additions including the introduction of the ARK API, which allows authorised users to access the data from external services, as well as through the improved ARK front end.

The latest release is easier to get up and running than earlier versions, so check out our installation instructions to get your ARK up and running in record time. The new pre-flight checks make it even easier than previous versions to get your ARK off the ground.

Included in the download bundle are all the files you need for an ARK based on the popular single context recording system. See the ARK Examples for instructions on how to use this. The ARK system is very flexible and can be configured to fit any use case. See the wiki for details on how to customise your ARK.

If you already have ARK version 1.0 you can follow the guide here to upgrade your ARK to version 1.1.

We’re always looking for new developers on the project. Registered developers have full SVN access and can browse the source, access the latest development features and read tickets and our release roadmap using our Trac pages.  To become a recognised developer for the project please contact the ARK Development Team.

Pre-configured and Hosted ARKs

L – P : Archaeology offer a full range of paid for services for ARK. This includes installation and configuration of ARK, ongoing maintenance of databases, backup services, consultancy and web hosting. For more details of our bespoke services go to the L – P : Website.

The ARK v1.1 release is now completed!  This release is a huge improvement in the user experience, for both users and admins, and also rolls out some great new functionality for searches and mapping. The latest package is ready for download at our Sourceforge pages.

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