Prescot Street

By on 11 March 2013.

The site at 41 – 63 Prescot Street lies in the modern London Borough of Tower Hamlets, east of the City of London. The site was redeveloped during 2008 by Grange Hotels, and L – P : Archaeology excavated the site in advance of construction.

The excavation of the site at Prescot Street ran between March – October 2008. A project website dedicated to the excavation and site at Prescot Street was created by L – P : Archaeology, so that people from all backgrounds and levels of knowledge could find out more about the dig and follow the progress of the investigations.

The site is powered by ARK which provides a web based interface for both the public users of the site and the site administrators. ARK provides a variety of features out of the box which are key to the Prescot Street project including tight integration of spatial data, sophisticated free text searching mechanisms and web services. The Prescot Street ARK proved vital during the post-excavation phase of the project, providing open access to the latest site records to all specialists working on the site from other commercial units.

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