ARK Examples

The current ARK release is v1.1, hosted on Sourceforge. Download Now

To help get you started, we’ve created a complete configuration for ARK 1.1 based on the single context recording system. All the files you need are included in the ARK bundle, or you can download them here: ARK single context example config.

Follow these instructions to get up and running:

How to Install

To install one of the above packages, you’ll first need to get the basic ARK up and running. Once you’ve successfully logged in to the basic ark, complete the following steps to install your pre-configured modules:

1. Copy the relevant settings

Copy all the relevant module specific configuration into your ARK ‘config’ directory. (The ARK configuration files are held in ark/config/). You’ll also need to copy the new page_settings.php and field_settings.php files over the existing settings in your ‘config’ directory. These hold all the custom fields and configuration needed for a working ARK.

2. Add the relevant SQL

From phpMyAdmin, use the ‘Import’ option from your ARK database to import the downloaded SQL (ark_cxt.sql or ark_su.sql). This will add all the relevant data types, aliases and markup needed for this configuration.

NOTE: Be sure to allow auto-increment of values when you are importing these files! In some phpMyAdmin installations, you’ll need to uncheck the box next to “Do not use AUTO_INCREMENT for zero values” in the import options.

3. Log in!

Log in to your ARK installation, and you’re ready to get recording! Or, you can customise your ARK configuration further. Check out the Admin wiki to learn more about customisation and the different ARK functions.

ARK 1.0 Examples

Be aware that these are sample configurations for ARK v1.0, so if you have downloaded ARK v.1.1 these are not compatible. But watch this space – we’re working on getting more example ARK’s released asap!

Single Context Recording

The first pre-configured package is the Museum of London Archaeology single context recording system. This system is the standard for all archaeological projects in Britain, and so is what we use on L – P projects such as Prescot Street.

Download the Single Context Configuration Files

Stratigraphic Units

The second pre-configured package is a variation of single context recording common in Italy, the Stratigraphic Unit. This system still uses the stratigraphic unit, or context, as the primary unit but also records some additional descriptive information not present in MoL the Single Context System. This system was developed through our involvement with research projects in the Mediterranean, such as the Villa Magna Project.

Download the Stratigraphic Unit Configuration Files

We’re currently upgrading our server capacity, so check back soon and we’ll also have some live demos of the pre-configured options so you can get a better idea of all of ARK’s various functions.

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