The current ARK release is v1.1, hosted on Sourceforge. Download Now

In addition to basic installation and upgrade instructions available on this website, the main installation guide can be found on the ARK wiki:

ARK Installation

The wiki also contains a lot of detailed information for developers, adminsitrators and end users of ARK.

The ARK team have also developed some helpful walk-throughs through ARK workshops, conferences, and training sessions. Check out some of the how-tos listed below if you’re looking for a place to start configuring your ARK database:

A pretty thorough walkthrough from our workshop at the CAA 2012 Soton conference may be of use:

The Archaeological Recording Kit: An open source solution to project recording

For helpful walkthroughs on installing the MS4W package download these PDFs

MS4W Installation v1.0

Mapserver Installation v1.0 (for spatially enabled ARK)

These resources are by no means exhaustive! We are always looking to create other helpful hints or how-tos, so if you think there’s something that you’re project needs or want to let us know how we can improve our resource base please get in touch.

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    In addition to basic installation and upgrade instructions and our detailed wiki pages, the ARK team have also developed some… Read More