v0.7 Released!

By on 5 April 2010.

Version 0.7 of ARK has now been released and is available for download on “Sourceforge.”:http://sourceforge.net/projects/arkdb/

Some of the key new features of v0.7 include:

  • sf_frame: A new subform for grouping different subforms into a single frame
  • external data linkage: Subforms sf_website and sf_flickr pull all results with a given text/tag into ark for easy viewing.
  • conditional subforms: A way of only displaying subforms if a condition is met (module type, user group, based on existing attributes)
  • new options for sf_attribute: Improved attribute handling options, including new display types (radio buttons, tick boxes) and a global submit to save many attributes at once!
  • new search options: New options for free text searching and a search by date range option, ability for adding public filters.
  • add to control lists: Option for system admins (or all users) to add new terms to dropdown menus

For those installing this new version, there are installation documents available at the Wiki.

For those upgrading from v0.6, please see our “Upgrade Document”:/file_download/8

As always, if you have any issues with installation or any comments about ARK please let us know.

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