ARK in Spain and in Spanish

By on 19 March 2009.

We were very excited to see that a couple of Spanish bloggers have been following the progress of ARK.

Firstly, The Penguin has blogged about us a couple of times on his really useful blog about Open Source software in archaeology. It is (quite rightly) pointed out in the first post that it took us rather longer than we wanted to produce a downloadable release of the code, but hopefully now that v0.6 is out, we are back on track with regular releases. In the second post he writes about the v0.6 release itself.

Secondly Varix has downloaded ARK and successfully installed it. Most impressively, he has produced part one of what looks like very extensive ‘how to’ documentation in Spanish which explains in great detail how to perform the install for Spanish language users! We hope that he will share this with the documentation project.

All in all, it is great to see that ARK is starting to be used and that the international community is growing. One of the core ideas behind ARK is that is should be fully multilingual both in the data and structure. The system incorporates powerful structures for working with unlimited languages and character sets. We know of ARK instances using Latin characters (with accents and diacritical marks), Cyrillic and Arabic characters and we would love to see this grow even more.

If you would like to join the community, please join either of the ARK mailing lists.

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