ARK 2.0 Roadmap Chit Chat

By on 8 May 2013.

You may be happy to know that a few of us got together recently to discuss the roadmap to ARK v2.0. Although we are currently in-between releases (we’re working on this, promise!), the latest code offers a solid code base with which to begin our wishlist for v2.0. Some of these are already in development, however a few ideas discussed were:

  • As part of the ARIADNE project, L – P are going to be looking into an ARK add-on for Fasti Online which will allow us to map our current metadata and data structure to well known standards such as CIDOC-CRM and others.
  • “Pre-flight” checks (currently in development) that check server settings and guide the administrator through a basic ARK setup to ensure a 5 minute install.
  • Field and subform configuration via ARK interface/browser.
  • Continued development on sf_file to allow for multi-faceted browsing and viewing of files, with zoom and high resolution features.
  • User preferences on each install to allow users to configure their own session preferences such as saved searches, language settings, feeds, and other subforms from user home.
  • Offline data capture and database syncing for those projects who can not rely on constant wifi or 3G connections…

We have much more where this came from, but what would YOU like to see in ARK v2.0?

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