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Main Panel

The main panel of the data view, viewed as table

The main panel of the data view page holds the results of searches and is used for manipulating large collections of data. Using the Search Filters a set of data can be obtained. The main panel lists the total number of search results, and allows paging through search results using the page numbers at the bottom of the main panel. Data is displayed in the main panel according to View Options.

Search Filters

Search filters are used to create specialised data sets in the data view. Before searching, be sure to understand the different types of Data Class used in ARK. It is essential to understand this terminology to make the most of the search filters.

View Options

The data displayed in the data view main column can be shown in a number pre-configured ways. These are shown in the left-hand panel.

  • View as Table: Displays a table with basic information about each result. The structure of the table will generally mirror the Data Entry Register. Please see your ARK administrator if you want to customise this view.
  • View as Chat: Displays a short Google-style excerpt for each search result. This generally includes the record number, a short text describing the record, and a score showing how relevant the record is to the search request. Please see your ARK administrator if you want to customise this view.
  • View as Map: Shows the user to a map view highlighting all the search results.