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This page details the progress on development of ARK 2.0


The primary aims of ARK2 are:

  • Full code re-write to modern standards using modern components
  • Separate the ARK Database backend from the ARK Web frontend
  • Implement a modern REST API to allow other frontends and apps to access and update the ARK Database
  • Simplify the setup and configuration of ARK by moving the config into the database and providing online config tools
  • Improve the overall performance and data integrity of ARK
  • Make it possible to provide an ARK hosting service

Modern frontend

  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap based
  • Twig templates
  • Front Controller model
  • Config driven pages views

Modern backend

  • Full REST API to access and update all ARK data
  • Database abstraction and Object Relational Mapping
  • Config driven data schema
  • Controlled Vocabularies and Linked Open Data
  • User Authentication via internal user/password and external OAuth2 providers (Facebook, Google, etc)
  • User Authorisation via Role Based Access Control (RBAC) using hierarchical Roles and Permissions structure
  • Field-level data access control
  • Data Workflows in conjunction with User Authorisation control


Details of ARK2 can be found in the following sections: