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ARK1 supported Controlled Lists of Attributes. In ARK2 we support other types of Controlled Vocabularies including Taxonomies and Thesauri, in compliance with ANSI/NISO standard Z39.19-2005 'Guidelines for the Construction, Format, and Management of Monolingual Controlled Vocabularies'.


  • Concept - What the Vocabulary is about, such as Country, Period, Material, etc
  • Term - A valid value within the Vocabulary, such as Denmark, Viking, Gold, etc
  • Type - The Type of Controlled Vocabulary which controls what relationships the Vocabulary has between Terms (Equivalence, Hierarchy, Association)
  • Equivalence - Where two Terms are considered the same
  • Hierarchy - Where two Terms have a parent/child relationship, usually called broader/narrower
  • Association - Where two Terms have a relationship that is not Equivalence nor Hierarchy, i.e. related terms, order, etc
  • List - A simple list of valid terms with no relationships
  • Ring - A list of valid Terms that are all Equivalent
  • Taxonomy - A list of valid Terms that are arranged in a Hierarchy
  • Thesaurus - A list of valid Terms that arranged in a Hierarchy with optional Equivalence and/or Association between some Terms, usually ordered
  • Metadata - Information related to a Term, for example a Period will have a Start Year and End Year


Translations will be denoted as being in the 'Vocabulary' Domain. The Translations admin will not include these translations, these will be managed in the Vocabulary admin instead.



The following tables hold the data for individual vocabularies:

  • ark_vocabulary - Key table for vocabulary concepts
  • ark_vocabulary_term - Table for terms in a vocabulary
  • ark_vocabulary_parameter - Table for optional parameters applying to a term
  • ark_vocabulary_related - Table for optional relationships betweens terms if a vocabulary or taxonomy

The following reference tables are unlikely to require editing:

  • ark_vocabulary_relation - Reference table for term relation types, i.e.broader/narrower
  • ark_vocabulary_type - Reference table for vocabulary types, i.e. list, taxonomy, etc


  • ARK/Vocabulary/Vocabulary - Utility class for static access methods
  • ARK/Vocabulary/Concept - Abstract base class for Vocabulary Concept, stored in ark_vocabulary
    • ARK/Vocabulary/TermList - Subclass of Vocabulary for list type vocabularies
    • ARK/Vocabulary/Ring - Subclass of Vocabulary for ring type vocabularies
    • ARK/Vocabulary/Taxonomy - Subclass of Vocabulary for taxonomy type vocabularies
    • ARK/Vocabulary/Thesaurus - Subclass of Vocabulary for thesaurus type vocabularies
  • ARK/Vocabulary/Term
  • ARK/Vocabulary/Parameter
  • ARK/Vocabulary/Related
  • ARK/Vocabulary/Type
  • ARK/Vocabulary/Relation