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ARK consists of different views, or pages which can be accessed from the main navigation along the top of the page.

Data Entry

The Data Entry view allows users to enter and edit data through to main forms linked in the left panel: the register and detailed data entry forms. These forms are designed to allow for rapid data entry and include the option to enter new records into the register or detailed forms, and then list the module-specific and generally associated detailed forms underneath each module in the left panel.

Search (Data View)

This view is used for searching the data using filters, and displaying it in multiple ways. Users can configure their search results to be displayed in a variety of ways including in a table, chat (text), map, or thumbnails. These search results can then also be exported using the CSV, RSS feed or Atom feeds, or print all records to PDF.

Record View (Micro View)

These pages provide a more compact view of the data contained within the different modules and can also be used to present data which have been input through other means, including associated spatial data pertaining to the individual records. These subforms can also be configured to be editable or conditional based on user privileges. The main purpose of this view is to bring together all information associated with a single record into one view.

Map View

The Map View is used to display any spatial data associated with the ARK project data. This view can either incorporate spatial data from a web-mapping server located within the ARK config, or access other live WMS or WFS (Web Mapping or Web Feature) data sets.