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This method is used to return the results of a filter in a standard ARK results array. It can return the results of a saved filter or can be used to run a simple freetext search.




  • ftype - The filtertype. Currently only a free text search can be undertaken using the API. If you want to run a free text search ftype needs to be set to 'ftx'. You will also need to send a src.
  • src - This is the free text phrase to search on. Normal Boolean Search (i.e. Google) parameters apply.

If you want to retrieve a previously saved filter (saved using the ARK web interface) use:

  • retftrset - this needs to be set to the numeric id of a saved filter. Current saved filters can be queried using the API method describeFilters().
  • disp_mode - this is the display mode of the filter results - how the HTML will be rendered. The possible options are: chat, table, text, thumb, map. If no disp_mode is specified the results will be returned in table view.

If anonymous logins are not enabled a username and password will need to be supplied:

  • handle - username
  • passwd - password


Example 1 - transcluding a saved filter as a table


Example return (returned as HTML):