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Example of Record View showing multiple data types pertaining to one record


The micro, or record view is used for viewing individual records (as entered on the Data Entry Sheet) and their associated data. The record view combines and brings together all linked items and data types that are associated with a particular record into one view. This can involve images, files, spatial data, text, etc. The record view pages are highly specific to a given ARK project, as they are customized by the ARK administrator.

Example of Record View left panel showing the pre-configured module lists available for viewing

Record View Left Panel

The first step to viewing records in the record view is choosing which module the records are contained within by clicking the View.png to the right of the appropriate module. (This list is configured by the ARK administrator) This displays the record 'jumper' allowing for the user to skip to the selected record number.

Example of Record View navigation, with basic configuration for users

Record Navigation

The record navigation area (below the top page navigation) is designed to facilitate easy navigation between records contained within a particular module, or item type. After choosing the appropriate module by clicking the View.png to the right of the appropriate module, a record 'jumper' is displayed allowing the user to type a record number into the text field and select the appropriate record number. After a record has been selected, the main record navigation appears at the top of the page, displaying the site code (PCO06), the record number (1003), and the module (record) type (Masonry), with chevrons allowing the user to move backwards and forward throughout the module records. In addition, a Search refresh.png button is also included to allow users to reset the view.

Editing and Viewing

On the most basic level users should rely on the Navigation tools common to all of ARK when viewing data, including the record jumper at the top of the page as well as the edit (Edit.png) and view (View.png) options contained in the headings of each form. To add or remove information displayed in the record view for a given module, please contact your ARK administrator.