Configuration Settings for Developers

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These notes aim to give an overview of how settigns are made in ark for the benefit of the developer, they are not intended as detailed user configuration notes (although they will have to do for now).

There are 3 types of settings for ark which follow the standard ark model of ark | page | module.

The following text is a description of each settings type and what its approximate use is. Detailed setting by setting notes can be found on the linked pages.

Global Settings


These are global settings for the entire instance of ark

Global Settings

Page Settings


The setting fields for each page are going to be the same for each page although the values will be different, therefore it makes sense to hold these settings in a table of the database which is more easily edited than a text file.

This script therefore is a universal script that pulls the settings data for the current page from the db. DO NOT put any manual settings in here which are specific to a particular page, these must go into the database.

Page Settings

Module Specific Settings

The purpose of module specific settings is to allow very different things to be set up therefore there should be very few common values between these settings files. These notes should include a brief explanation of all settings added to the file.