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Adding Users

Add User

In order for team members become visible within Ark, a user account must first be created. If the team member is not likely to be using the database, the 'Add User' option can be used to create a user but not to activate him/her. They can then be activated, given a password, and assigned to a user group at a later date by using the 'Edit User' options.

All users are assigned a username according to their surname (family name) and their initials in the form 'dufton_ad'. In cases where multiple team members share the same initials an alternative set of initials will be used to avoid duplicates within the system.

Editing Users

User information can be altered by using the 'Edit User' command. Basic information like firstname and lastname is changed by altering the text field. To change the password, a new password must be entered and confirmed. The username is created automatically through a combination of lastname and initials. This cannot be changed after the user has been initially added.

Beyond this basic information, users can also be assigned groups from the 'Edit User' menu. Users within the 'Admin' group will have greater privileges within Ark such as creating or activating user accounts, checking context records, and the like. Currently all users will be assigned to the 'User' group as the 'Admin' group has yet to be given special privileges. This will be updated at a later date to allow for specific project administrators.

Finally, accounts can be enabled/disabled from the 'Edit User' menu. Enabled accounts have full access to the Ark system. Disabled accounts will not be able to log in or enter data. It is important to understand that users created in the 'Add User' option will not automatically be activated, and will not be able to access the system until their user account has been enabled.