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'script' => 'php/mod_fst/subforms/monument.php',
'script' => 'php/mod_fst/subforms/monument.php',
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Required Settings

All subforms have a number of required settings. A list of the current required settings for subforms follows:

  • view_state

This controls the initial view state of the subform Options: max, min

  • edit_state

This controls the initial edit state of the subform Options: view, edit

  • sf_nav_type

This sets the type of navigation bar to put in at the top of the subform. 'full' gives you the full bar with navigational tools. 'name' give just the name and 'none' gives none at all. Options: full, name, none

  • sf_title

This sets the title of the form. This value should be the nickname of a piece of markup. Options: markup nickname

  • sf_html_id

This sets the id attribute of the form tag and must be unique. Options: string all lowercase

  • script

This defines the script to be used. Options: path/to/file.php

  • Example
'view_state' => 'max',
'edit_state' => 'edit',
'sf_nav_type' => 'none',
'sf_title' => 'projection', //appears in the titlebar of the subform (mk nname)
'sf_html_id' => 'fst_cd_projection', //the form id tag (must be unique)
'script' => 'php/mod_fst/subforms/monument.php',