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The following is a list of all current ARK subforms. Each subform page includes detailed configuration information and an example subform setup.


Text Subforms

  • sf_txt - subform to enter text data

Action Subforms

  • sf_action - subform to link actions (actors with roles) to items

Number Subforms

  • sf_number - subform to add number data
  • sf_geo_number - subform to add easting and northings to an item - and then automatically create a GML file for the item

Attribute Subforms

  • sf_finds - subform to attach attributes of a given type (findtypes) and to set a boolean for each one
  • sf_attr_bytype - subform to attach attributes of a given type
  • sf_attr_boolean - subform to set boolean attribute

Spatial Subforms

  • sf_spat - a subform to display spatial data about an item THIS SUBFORM IS DEPRECATED AND SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR ANY NEW ARK SYSTEMS
  • sf_wfs_spat - the new subform to display spatial data about an item
  • sf_place - a subform for displaying places that item's geometry intersects with

Span Subforms

  • sf_span_rel - subform to enter span relationships not in matrix form
  • sf_spanmatrix - subform to enter span relationships in matrix form

File Subforms

  • sf_file - subform to handle files
  • sf_mediabrowser - subform to browse and upload media such as images or videos

XMI Subforms

  • sf_xmi - subform to enter XMI links between records

Complex Subforms

Complex subforms combine different data classes.

  • sf_interp - subform to handle interpretative text fragments with actor/date pairings
  • sf_assemblage - a subform to handle bulk assemblages
  • sf_event - subform to handle actor/date pairs
  • sf_frame - subform to display many subforms within a single subform
  • sf_chaintable - subform to display tables made from chains

Item/Record Subforms

Subforms used for working on an item record itself.

  • sf_modtype - subform to handle modules with different item types
  • sf_delete_record - subform to handle modules with different item types
  • sf_itemval - subform to handle modules with different item types

The following subforms offer conflict resolution feedback to users and work directly with the above subforms

Other Subforms

Other subforms are forms that don't really fit anywhere else.

  • sf_flickr - subform to dynamically pull photos from a flickr stream
  • sf_websites - subform to generate a list of websites that can take dynamic variables (for instance a link to youTube searching all of the videos according to a value held in ARK)
  • sf_rssfeed - subform to pull the results from one or more RSS feeds (including feeds from ARK itself)
  • sf_qrtag - subform to create a QR tag for an item - to be used from smart phones/QR tag readers
  • sf_ctrl_lst - a pseudo subform to allow users to add to controlled lists
  • sf_geonames - subform to pull results from the GeoNames API for display

Non Data Subforms

Subforms that are not used to handle data entry or viewing. These are typically used to make custom dynamic content within panels and home pages. The code is reusable and transferable. In addition these make use of conditional behaviours.

  • sf_linklist - a subform that spits out a formatted list of links with dynamically marked up anchors