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The sf_wfs_spat is the subform for displaying spatial data. It calls on layers as defined in the wfs (active) and wms (background) maps.

Additional Fields

The sf_wfs_spat requires the following additional fields:

  • wfs_layers - layers from the mapserver/mapfiles/ark_wfs.map to use in this subform
  • wms_layers - layers from the mapserver/mapfiles/ark_wms.map to use in this subform
  • op_buffer - the buffer in selected units around main item shape in subform

The wms_layers acts as the background data while the wfs_layers contains the layers to be zoomed to.

Example Configuration

$conf_mcd_spat = 
        'view_state' => 'max',
        'edit_state' => 'view',
        'sf_title' => 'spat_data', 
        'sf_html_id' => 'cxt_spat_display',
        'sf_nav_type' => 'name',
        'script' => 'php/subforms/sf_wfs_spat.php',
        'wfs_layers' =>
            array (
	    'wms_layers' =>
            array (
	    'op_buffer' => 2,