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The data class 'modtype' will handle modules with different types (eg. the standard context module has types cut, fill, masonry, etc.). The configuration of module types will be specific to each module.

Additional Fields

  • classtype - this is the module type, as found in the mod_lut (eg. cxt_lut_cxttype has classtype cxttype)
  • alias_tbl - the alias table is cor_tbl_col, make sure there is an entry in cor_tbl_col for the relevant modtype and that you have added an associated alias
  • alias_src_key - the text entered in cor_tbl_col corresponding with the modtype (eg. cxttype, abktype, etc)

Example Configuration

$conf_field_cxttype =
        'dataclass' => 'modtype',
        'classtype' => 'cxttype',
        'alias_tbl' => 'cor_tbl_col',
        'alias_col' => 'dbname',
        'alias_src_key' => 'cxttype',
        'alias_type' => '1',
        'editable' => TRUE,
        'hidden' => FALSE,
	'add_validation' => 'none',
        'edt_validation' => 'none'