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The sf_frame groups together several subforms for inclusion in a single frame in the data view and micro view pages. This is primarily an issue of display and user interface rather than a subform that handles db requests.

Additional Fields

Instead of a 'field' array, the frame subform requires an 'subform' array.

Example Configuration

$conf_mcd_consframe =
        'view_state' => 'max',
        'edit_state' => 'view',
        'sf_nav_type' => 'full',
        'sf_title' => 'consattr', 
        'sf_html_id' => 'mus_consframe', // Must be unique
        'script' => 'php/subforms/sf_frame.php',
        'op_label' => 'space',
        'op_input' => 'save',
	'op_condition' => array(
		 	'func'=> 'chkGroupPerm',
		 	'args'=> array(
        'subforms' => array(