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This is the main settings file for administrators to set defaults for security settings and permissions, loaded modules, etc. for each instance of ARK. As of v1.0, for settings related to page display and navigation see page_settings.php, and those related to server settings see env_settings.php.

Server Setup

The server setup being used (can include"ms4w", "mac", or "linux"):


And include the settings related to your server environment contained within the env_settings.php:

// Include settings related to your server environment

ARK Name and Markup

The name of this instance of ARK - can not contain spaces!

// The Ark name
$ark_name = 'Tutorial';

The name of this instance of ARK - as markup. Appears on the index (home) page and in the browser window/tab title. Should be entered in cor_tbl_markup accordingly.

// The nickname for the markup ARK name that appears on the index page and
// as browser window/tab title
$arkname_mk = 'arkname';

Live Search

The controls for the live search function

// Live search controls 
* live = live search 
* dd = drop down menu
* plain = plain text search
$mode = "live";

NB- Controls for xmi live search should not be included in the global settings, this has been moved to the subform configuration as of v0.7

Also the controls for live search for XMI

// Live search controls for xmi
* live = live search - this should only be set to live if you are using the collapsing data entry
* dd = drop down menu
* plain = plain text search
$xmi_mode = "live";

Fancy Text Search

The controls for fancy text search, using boolean functions such as +, -, "search term", etc (like Google).

// Free text search mode
* fancy - this allows complex search options such as +, -, "" (like Google!)
* plain = plain free text search, no fancy options
$ftx_mode = "fancy";


Configure the modules to be used in this ARK project:

// List the modules that need to be loaded in this ARK project
$loaded_modules = 
	'abk', // address book
        'cxt', // contexts
        'pln', // plans
	'smp', // samples
        'spf', // Special finds
        'sph', // Site photos

Also configure the modules to load mapping data:

// Lists the modules to load maps for
$loaded_map_mods = 
        'cxt', // context
	'smp', // samples

Set the default item key for this ARK setup:

// The default item key for this instance of Ark - format: mod_cd
$default_itemkey = 'cxt_cd'; // context

Set the DSN for this ARK (this should generally NOT need adjusting)

// DSN (this shouldn't need adjusting)
$dsn = 'mysql://'.$sql_user.':'.$sql_pwd.'@'.$sql_server.'/'.$ark_db;

Security and Permissions

The security and permissions for ARK is handled by LiveUser.


The liveuser settings need to be set, as well as the variables for allowing anonymous logins. The liveuser configuration is as follows:

// -- SECURITY -- //
// Liveuser: 
// These are the names of the liveuser objects. They should be unique per ARK 
// (to prevent cross ark hacking). They need to be called in the code as
// $$liveuser and $$liveuser_admin
$liveuser = $ark_name . 'usr';
$liveuser_admin = $ark_name . 'usr' . '_admin';
// The path to the login script (relative to the document root)
$loginScript = 'index.php';

// Anonymous Logins
// If these variables are set then you are allowing anonymous logins
// This is a security risk! Its best to leave these statements commented out.
// Bear in mind that for this to work - you will also need to make a new user (using the ARK user_admin tools).
$anonymous_login['username'] = 'anon';
$anonymous_login['password'] = 'anon';


A variety of permissions need to be set to ensure the appropriate users are making use of advanced functions. All permissions are based on the numerical id of security groups (from the cor_lvu_groups table). For instance, it is possible to allow some users to make their personal saved filters public for all to use. As of v0.8, adding to control lists (adding attributes), and perhaps most importantly, advanced record functions such as edit module types and delete entire records need to also have sgrps defined.

// Filter permissions
// Members of the following (sgrp) groups will have permission to make their own filters public
// and permission to make other users (and their own) filters got private
$ftr_admin_grps =

// Control list permissions
// Members of the following (sgrp) groups will have permission to add items to controlled lists
$ctrllist_admin_grps =
// Record admin permissions
// Members of the following (sgrp) groups will have access to the advanced record functions
$record_admin_grps =


Form Methods

Choose between 'get' or 'post' form methods.

// -- FORMS -- //
// Method used in forms:
// get = form messages sent via get method - visible in browser bar.
// post = form message sent via post method - invisible to the user.
$form_method = 'get';

Form Defaults

Set default year and site code for data entry and viewing:

//Default year as a setting for form data entry
$default_year = '2008';
//Default site code
$default_site_cd = 'PCO06';


Sets the skin name and skin path for this ARK project:

// Skin name
$skin = 'arkologik';
// Skin path
$skin_path = "$ark_dir/skins/$skin";


Sets thumbnail sizes for ARK (this will be used when uploading files)

// Optional
$thumbnail_sizes =
        'arkthumb_width' => 100,
        'arkthumb_height' => 100,
        'webthumb_width' => 500,
        'webthumb_height' => 500


Configures logging levels to record logging into database and changes to data. Set to 'on' to turn the logging on, otherwise set to FALSE.

//Logging levels
$conf_log_add = 'on';
$conf_log_edt = 'on';
$conf_log_del = 'on';

Search Engine

Configures words to cut out of multi-string searches to streamline the search process and maximise results.

// words to cut out of multi string searches
$conf_non_search_words = array('and', 'di', 'in');


Configures the default language and other languages in use.

// The default lang
$default_lang = 'en';
// These are the languages in use (in order)
$conf_langs = array('en', 'da');


Used to include the field_settings.php file.


Document Type

Configures the document type to use for web output

$doctype = "html \n
     PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN\"\n