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Basic Navigation

The ARK navigation

All pages within ARK have the same basic navigation tools. The basic areas are discussed below:

  • Navigation Tabs: The navigation tabs run horizontally along the top of the page. They are used to move through the basic pages of ARK (data entry, data view, micro view, map view). Additional tabs are added for users with higher administrative privileges (import, export).
  • Left Panel: The left panel holds options specific to a page. For example, on the 'Data Entry' page (selected using the 'Navigation Tabs') the left panel will contain a list of different data entry modules.
  • Main Panel: The main panel holds the main information for any given page. This can be a series of data entry forms, a list of items, a map, etc and changes depending on the 'Navigation Tabs' (as discussed above).

Some pages, such as data entry, also have a right panel with additional navigation options. These will be discussed in the relevant sections.

Subform Navigation

Subforms within ARK also have some simple navigation options:

  • Edit: The 'edit' function (Edit.png) makes the subform editable. As a default all subforms on the data entry pages are usually set to 'edit'.
  • View: The 'view' function (View.png) stops editing in the subform. As a default all subforms on the micro view pages are usually set to 'view'.
  • Maximise/Minimise: The 'maximise' (Bigplus.png)and 'minimise' (Bigminus.png) options let the user expand or minimise a subform.
  • Up/Down: The 'up' (Upnav.png) and 'down' (Down.png) arrows let the user move the subform up or down within the view.
  • Left/Right: The 'left' (Left.png) and 'right' (Right.png) arrows let the user move the subform into different columns.