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Metadata Editor

The Metadata Editor will be available from realeas 1.2. It allows an admin to map the concepts on your ARK to external concepts.

The system uses triple-like storage based on ark spans, where the start(subject) is an ARK concept, and the end is an external definition. You can configure metadata atributes to be chained to this span to define the nature of the relationship.

Example Config

The metadata editor is a top level page that is independant of the modules. The configuration should be placed into page settings. The example below is from the fastionline admin page.

$conf_mcd_metatable =

       'view_state' => 'max',
       'edit_state' => 'ent',
       'sf_nav_type' => 'none', // don't really want this in an overlay
       'sf_title' => 'metatable', 
       'sf_html_id' => 'metatable', // Must be unique
       'root' => '',
       'script' => 'php/metadata/sf_metadata_tbl.php',
       'fields' => 
       'op_meta_fields' =>

); // Register a new season from sea register in data entry $conf_metadata_page =

       'col_id' => 'main_column_full',
       'col_alias' => FALSE,
       'col_type' => 'primary_col',
       'subforms' =>

op_meta_field is unusual, this field list will be used to generate possible options for the attribute types.

In this example skos is an attributetype, the skos terms that will be used (eg. broadMatch, closeMatch) have this type. If an attribute is already attached to the span the key of the op_meta_fields will be used to pick the correct field.

In order to work with the ARK concept page a txt of the type 'linkeddatauri' must be attached to the attributetype, and the attribute alias must be the 'tail' of the relevant uri.

If there is no data attached, then the op_meta_field list will be presented on the page. Selecting one will open that field for editing. See Below.

Using the Metadata Editor

The metadata editor sorts all of the fields available in the ARK installation into groups. These groups can be viewed individually by selecting them from the dropdown menu at the top of the Metadata Editor page.

These groups are:

  1. The dataclasses:
    • attributetype
    • txttype
    • numbertype
    • spantype
    • placetype
    • filetype
    • xmi
    • datetype
  2. All defined Attributetypes
  3. itemkey
  4. modtype

Selecting one of these options will open a page with a list of all the ARK concepts that have been grouped into that list.

If a there are meta fields defined a drop down menu of available meta schemas will appear between the ARK concept and the text box into which the external url can be entered.

Selecting one of these options will produce another input that lists the available terms in that scheme.

Each row must be saved individually.

If a row has data in it, a button to duplicate the row will appear. This will create a new row that will allow multiple links to be attached to an ARK concept.