How-to: Register and Upload Files

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The file workflow is quite simple and involves two parts.


Firstly you need to upload any files that you want to utilise within ARK.

  • Open the File Upload page (in the data entry section).
  • Enter the directory where your raw files are held and click [go].
  • A list of files that are in the specified directory will be displayed along with a box to specifiy a batch name and a module.
    • the batch can be thought of as a tag to enable you to easily find the files later - you can specify anything in this box.
    • you can optionally assign a module to the files which may also make it easier to find them later
  • once you are happy with the settings hit the second 'go' button and the files will be uploaded.


Once the files have been uploaded they are available to attach to items. This can be done within the register view of the item (i.e. if you want to attach files to the context module then you should go to the Context Register).

  • The register can be filled in as normal, however if the ARK Administrator has allowed files to be attached you will also see the 'File Upload Navigator' dialogue box below the register.
  • Choose a batch and/or a module and the ImageFlow plugin will display the files that are available to be attached.
  • Simply click on the files that you want to attach and they will become highlighted in red (to unselect them just click them again).
  • If files have previously been attached to the item then they will be outlined in blue.
  • Once you have chosen your files (you will see the file_ids appear in the File box in the register table) you can continue entering the register as normal.
  • If you want to add files from a different batch make sure you save the overall record first - before changing the batch otherwise you may lose your previous entries.