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[[Accessing User Information]] which is in the SESSION
[[Accessing User Information]] which is in the SESSION
The [[ARK log]] an overview with detailed notes (note that this system is currently not fully working)
==API Documentation==
==API Documentation==

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The developer manual is aimed at people who will be contributing to the project and to a certain extent to those who intend to hack ARk to use it for their own ends. As a general rule, if you find yourself doing extensive hacking, please let us know as we would be happy to consider adding new code to the project.

If you don't know why you are reading this documentation, you are probably looking in the wrong part of the manual. For information on installation and administration see the administrator section of the manual.

Work to create developer documentation including migration of old documentation (Ticket #122) is ongoing (as of 11th Feb 2009) but in the meantime please contact a member of the ARK Development Team if you can't find what you are looking for within these pages.

Background Reading

The ARK model an incomplete guide to the overall structure of ARK, its file structures etc.

The ARK Data Storage model

An overview of Filters and how they work (theoretical)

Standards and Guidance

Coding standards are simple and follow the PEAR system rigidly without exception. See the page blow for further detail. Some further guidance is given below to try to help you build new code in a way that fits into the overall ARK style. This material is incomplete at this stage.

Coding Standards an overview with links.

ARK 'Pages'

Data Entry Pages

Adding a New Page

Page Header Block example.

Developing Subforms a brief guide

Accessing User Information which is in the SESSION

The ARK log an overview with detailed notes (note that this system is currently not fully working)

API Documentation

The code is documented in detail within the header blocks for each file and the documentation blocks for each function. This doucmentation is in the process of being categorised and grouped for easier reading, but can be consulted at:


API Documentation