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With the ARK1.2 release there are several available default setups or "configs" for ARK. When installing ARK you must choose the right one for your project.

Single Context

This is L - P : Archaeology's favourite config, it is a full implementation of the MoL recording system including modules for Contexts, Sections, Plans, Registered Finds, Samples, Site Photographs, Timber, 'Trenches, Areas, Etc' (TAE), Subgroups, Groups and Landuses.

Basic Context

This is a simple version of the single context recording system which has modules for Contexts, Plans, Sections, Registered Finds and Site Photos.

ARK Landscape

This config is good for landscape studies it has modules for Locations, Excavations, Finds, Catalogued Finds, Illustrations and Photos.

ARK Stratigraphic Unit

This config is used by some mediterranean projects, it has modules for Contexts, Site Photos, Plans, Geophotos, Architectural Elements, Special Finds and Coins

ARK Empty

ARK is endlessly customisable, the empty config has only the required addressbook module, allowing you to create your own config with modules from the other configs, or by creating them yourself. check out the Mod Settings page to see how.