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Some optional subform fields.
Some optional subform fields.
===Custom Configuration===
====[[Configuring file registration]]====
====[[Configuring file registration]]====

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The administrator manual is aimed at people who are downloading and installing ARK. If you are struggling with installation or administration, you should consider contacting the ARK team to buy a preconfigured ARK. This would help support the project and make a contribution towards the ongoing development of the project.

Key Concepts


Information about the navigation tools used within ARK.

Basic Navigation
Subform Navigation


The different 'Views' of ARK.

Key Administration Concepts

An overview of the key administration concepts.

Settings Files
Forms Overview

Installation and Setup

Basic Installation

A description of the ARK installation process.

Installing ARK

Initial setup

Some things to consider when completing the initial setup of your ARK.

ARK Name
What to record?
What Subforms?

Detailed setup of ARK

The detailed setup guidelines for your ARK.


User Administration

Some tools for administering user accounts.

Address Book Administration

How to update the Address Book module.


Subforms Overview

A general overview of ARK Subforms and their configuration.

Subform Reference List

Subform Requirements

The required fields for configuration of subforms.

Subform Options

Some optional subform fields.

Custom Configuration

Configuring file registration

Configuring the Mapping

Configuring the Export Functionality