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ARK provides a very flexible platform akin to a CMS to allow different clients to configure their site to meet their data recording needs. This flexabilty appies to the UX and UI as well as the data schema. ARK2 is a ground-up rewrite to bring ARK into line with modern web technology including a REST API, while also making it easier to configure and maintain.

While clients are able to build custom web or app interfaces using whatever technology they prefer, most will choose to use the default web interface which needs to be both feature-complete and flexible, albeit at the cost of some efficiency. The aim of the UX design is to help simplify this default interface while providing the ability to customise to suit local needs.

User Security

  • Register
  • Login
    • Captcha
    • OAuth2 (Facebook, Google, etc)
  • Profile
    • Personal details
    • Contact details
    • Security details
  • Request password reset

Site Home Page

User Home Page

List View Screen

Item View Screen

Advanced Search

  • Set based queries

Admin Screens