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This page details the progress on development of ARK 2.0

Code Repository

Development of ARK 2.0 is occurring in the open on GitHub


Significant changes to the configuration of ARK are being made to move from PHP file based configuration to database based configuration. This section will document these changes.

  • The config/ folder will contain all user-editable php files required
  • The php/settings/ folder will contain the generic settings files and templates for moving to config/. This allows upstream changes to be made to the templates and upgrades performed more easily.
  • The env_settings.php file is replaced by database.php and server.php
  • database.php contains the settings for the database connection
  • server.php contains the settings for the server file paths
  • To set-up an ARK, copy database.php, server.php and preflight_checks.php from php/settings to config/ and edit as required
  • preflight_checks.php now defaults to off, so needs to be enabled before running, and then deleted form config afterwards
  • settings.php has moved from config/ to php/settings/ and no longer requires user editing, all settings are now help in the database and should be configured per the instructions


  • Configuration has been moved to the database
  • A new ADO class has been created to wrap all access to PDO


Other significant changes are documented here

  • A number of config global variables have been renamed for clarity
    • $mode -> $search_mode
    • $ftx_mode -> $search_ftx_mode
  • A number of config global variables have been deleted as they are not used:
    • $default_year
    • $conf_non_search_words
    • $conf_langs
    • $loaded_map_modules
    • $default_output_mode
  • The logging globals have been changed
    • $log, $conf_log_add, $conf_log_edt, $conf_log_del are deleted
    • $log_ins, $log_upd and $log_del are used instead