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In order to allow your users to use the export functionality of ARK you need to set a few settings in the mod_settings.php and env_settings.php files. An example is here.


Export Directory

The export directories are set for each case in the top of the settings file, as seen (INSERT LINK TO SETTINGS). Listed below are example directories for each case

  • ms4w:
$export_dir = $ark_dir.'data/tmp/';
  • mac:
$export_dir = $doc_root.$ark_dir.'data/downloads/';
  • linux:
$export_dir = $ark_dir.'data/tmp/';

Page_settings - Tools

Each download and export tool used in the results toolbar in the search page (data_view) must also be set up in the page_settings.php file. These tools allow for exporting search results RSS and Atom feeds and exporting CSV files.

Mod_settings - Subform

Each download mode needs to be set up as a subform within each of the mod_settings files allowing users to download data. The CSV downloader is the model for this. As the conf is a 'mac' or macro view (a.k.a data_view) subform, it should appear in the mod_settings as such. An example of the configured subform for CSV downloads can be seen in the mod_settings documentation.