Who Has An Entailment Agreement With Atticus

By on 21 December 2020.

Atticus loses the case, but – because he is the same man in court, in front of his children, in front of the city and the jury – he wins the spirit of a juror, a citizen and a neighbour by his side. The integrity of Atticus, an integrity incompatible with the passionate and ever-evolving conviction of the Cicern Orator, transforms a citizen and thus makes Maycomb so much closer to a just society. Nevertheless, as supporters, as court officials and as citizens, we wonder if this is enough. The answer that each gives to this question dictates his rhetorical choices and the extent to which he finds the courage not only to admire, but also to imitate the Attictic rhetoric of Atticus Finch. On Hume`s model, Ciceros`s productive writings contain a plethora of work on the characteristics and meaning of Attic rhetoric. 146 Cicero wrote on this subject to distinguish and defend his own rhetoric more passionate and elaborate in relation to the Attic rhetoric of his time. 147 of Cicero`s stylistic critics were called Attici and adopted a “simple and uncluttered style with minimal rhetorical ornamentation, a lack of studied rhythm and a rare use of emotional attraction.” 148 Among them were eminent speakers of the day, including Brutus and Calvus. 149 The Attici, who model themselves and name themselves after the great speakers of the Attic period in ancient Greece, understood the speaker as a kind of trainer. 150 So instead of fine-tuning the art of conviction above all else, they considered themselves to be logic-oriented. 151 Among their Greek models were Lysias, Thucydides and Xenophon. 152 The Atticus Finch of To Kill a Mockingbird served as a model for generations of American 1 lawyers and schoolchildren, but 2 scholarship analysis of this fictitious lawyer never concentrated with sufficient clarity on his use of the most important weapon that a lawyer leads: words. And yet it should be obvious that Atticus`s words as a lawyer are an important part of who he is. Brian Garner, a renowned scholar for legal form and speech, explains: “There are only two things lawyers do professionally, and they are convincing at speaking and writing convincingly.

It really exhausts the full range of skills that lawyers have to do. Words are our only tools. 3 If Professor Garner is correct that effective rhetoric is synonymous with the competence and power of a lawyer, then Atticus`s use of words should provide a source of superlatives in his character`s power and thus explain why so many American lawyers have implicitly accepted him as their boss. It is natural that Atticus`s rhetoric should be the source of his influence on the imagination (as it is) of the American lawyer. 4 Finally, I focus on the coherence of Atticus` rhetoric in the many aspects of his life – as a lawyer, as a citizen and as a father. Finally, Atticus`s rhetoric – as Cicero`s rhetoric has said – proves to be a key element more than his ability as a lawyer. His rhetorical style is based on honesty and respect for the ultimate deliberative ability of others. Combined with the courage for which he has long been admired, the honest but reserved use of Atticus`s language (his greatest weapon) contains a microcosm of restraint that members of the judiciary and the bar should show the greatest thing, the democracy in which they find themselves. The analysis of Lee`s intention inevitably faces a serious obstacle: she avoids public opinion and seems to have left as little external evidence as possible on her book.

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