Which Of The Following Services That Need To Be Negotiated In Service Level Agreement Mcq

By on 15 April 2021.

6) Which of the following forms forms the basis of almost all web service stacks? Explanation: The correct answer is the IaaS (infrastructure as a service) because it is a kind of cloud computing that provides unique resources like virtualized computing on the Internet. 7) Which of the following topics is the most important topic of cloud computing? 7) Which of the following allows users to connect to several different sites with the same single account? Explanation: The most well-known service models are Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service?the SPI. Explanation: It provides a logical name to the physical resource if the needs in terms of virtualization are correct and provides an indicator of this physical resource. 5) Which of the next steps is a phase of the making process available? Explanation: Intern (I) / External (E) determines the limits of the organization, so the right option is A. Explanation: If your data is transferred about it and relies on systems that are no longer under your control, you run an increased risk due to interception and mispricing of others. 15) Which of the following options is the type of service that manages and creates virtual network interfaces? 1) Which of the following technologies works behind the cloud computing platform? 3) Cloud computing is a kind of abstraction based on the concept of physical resource combination that presents them as _______resources for users. 9) Which one has the unique authentication server and manages multiple accesses to other systems? Explanation: If the service requires the customer to use a full hardware/software/application battery, it is used as the most sophisticated and restrictive service model. 13) If you add a stack of software to the service, z.B an operating system and applications, the model will be converted to a model. 12) Under one of the following conditions, a strategic data set or a document or document for events, the conditions to which the user may be exposed when applying cloud computing mode. 2) Which of the following frames uses the i-Card metaphor? Explanation: Sometimes it can be the executable code on the customer side. However, it is not the end user`s responsibility to retain this code and maintain its interaction with the services. Explanation: Each time an intranet becomes large enough that a graph is not able to distinguish the individual physical system, the intranet is also called a cloud at this point.

Hadoop can be considered a cloud. Explanation: The add-on development facilities are a kind of Paas that allows us to adapt the existing SaaS platform. 2. Make the correct statement. a) Different types of cloud service models offer different security services in stages b) Adapting your local systems to a cloud model requires: that you determine which security mechanisms are needed and that these belong to the control elements present in your cloud service provider Selected c) Data must be transmitted and stored in an encrypted format for security purposes d) All View Answer statements mentioned: The term “SaaS” means “Software as a Service,” a type of model that allows software application as a customer service. For example: MailChimp, Google Apps, Dropbox, Salesforce, etc. Explanation: Google has built mega-data centers for its search engine. Therefore, it is not true that Amazon has set up a global network of data centers to use its search engine. Explanation: reducing administrative burden, reducing overall operating costs and a newer network are the benefits of the Platform for a service.

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