Uncivil Agreement How Politics Became Our Identity

By on 19 December 2020.

After decades of research that has denied the content of “rational” behaviors in the heuristics of American voters, recent work has highlighted the emotional, group-oriented, psychological drivers of party membership and voting, described for the first time in detail in the classics of mid-20th century behavioralism. Lilliana Mason`s impressive new book serves as a definitive sigh from this point of view, as it refers to polarization by masterfully synthesising existing works with a battery of original studies, while applying a new framework borrowed from the theory of social identity in psychology. All politics is an identity policy, Mason argues, and the key to our current problems is that social triage has transformed our two major parties into omni-consumer “mega-identities” for the majority of the electorate. In a well-structured argument, transmitted in immaculate prose, Mason first documents the universally experienced, psychologically rooted and intrinsically contradictory qualities of group identification. What characterizes the politics of today`s party is that powerful group identities that once thwarted the party`s division have now stood next to it. Separations by Race, Religion and Ideology Lilliana Mason Unzivil Agreement: How Politics Became Our Identity is easily the best book on American politics I`ve read in years. I mean this in two important ways. First, the book addresses perhaps the most pressing question in politics: why has American public opinion become increasingly polarized? The answer – that the increasing overlap between identities changes the way citizens see themselves and others – gives a clear understanding of polarization. But it`s not just an important book, it`s a good book. Mason constructs a meticulous reasoning based on social psychology, and each chapter of the book relies sequentially on the previous one. The result is a book that is more than the sum of the parts and represents a great progress in the field. I lost the number of times Mason made a point that clearly expressed a previously incomprehensible intuition about politics.

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