Residential Services Agreement

By on 16 December 2020.

d. supplements. An increase may be levied for telephone services from states that collect or claim a gross tax on revenues on Suddenlink`s operations in such a state, or a tax on interstate access charges charged by Suddenlink for access to telephone exchanges in that state. This increase is based on revenues and other public taxes taxed and measured directly or indirectly by Suddenlink due to Suddenlink`s gross revenues or revenues in this state. Supplements may also be collected for international directory support, international terminus fees imposed by foreign mobile operators, calls and calls supported by the operator for high-end services such as chat lines. All applicable surcharges are displayed in a separate position on the customer`s monthly bill. 30. Full agreement. This contract, including the applicable additional terms of use, the privacy policy and terms of use (“AUP”), the service and service contract (“service contract”) submitted to you at the time of installation, and the pricing plan constitute the full agreement between Suddenlink and the Customer with respect to the Services. No obligation, insurance or guarantee on the part of a Suddenlink representative or representative regarding the sale, installation, maintenance or removal of Suddenlink`s services or devices is not required for Suddenlink, unless it is expressly included.

Let`s clear up the confusion. We`ll explain what a residential service contract is and what it means for your home. We also give you some directions on what you should look for. Conversely, a residential services contract, also known as a home warranty, covers many losses due to mechanical failure and wear and tear. It includes large equipment and systems that are in perfect working order at the time of closure and generally holds a one-year service contract. This is an agreement by the issuer (of the residential services company) to repair or replace certain designated components or systems in a home that, due to normal wear, fail during the term of the contract. If you are in the market for a residential service contract, we recommend American Home Shield, one of the oldest home warranty companies in the industry. This company has earned its reputation as a home warranty provider through comprehensive coverage with flexible payment schedules. For example, if you buy a house and the oven breaks down, it can be a big cost. This is especially true if you have stretched up to the financial limit just to pay a down payment. If the house came with a residential service contract, you can simply call the contract provider and plan someone to come and repair or replace your oven.

1. Third-party applications. In addition to the provision of video programs and video and interactive television services, certain devices provided in conjunction with video services, including the “Altice One Mini” and the Suddenlink digital cable box, services, software or applications may be included or provided under license, sold and/or provided by third parties (“third-party applications”). Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this Agreement, this Agreement is not considered valid for third-party applications, and your use of a third-party application is subject to the terms of the licensing agreement between you and the licensee of that third-party application. The customer recognizes and accepts that the customer can only use third-party applications on Suddenlink-authorized Altice One devices.

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