Cuny Affiliation Agreements

By on 9 April 2021.

This document on pre-negotiated membership agreements lists the agencies with which CUNY has pre-negotiated agreements. Intellectual property conflicts can arise when a university member enters into a personal consultation or other agreement with a third party. These agreements may include provisions relating to the granting of licences or the transfer of intellectual property and may conflict with this directive. Prior to the signing of a consultation or other agreement on intellectual property held by the university pursuant to this policy, a university member must have the agreement reviewed by the Clerk to ensure that such an agreement does not cede inappropriate academic rights to third parties. If the agreement is contrary to this policy, the member must either obtain from the clerk that he renounces the rights of the university, or otherwise amend the advice agreement to comply with this directive. This requirement does not add or eliminate the need for authorization for a conflict of interest directive at the university. Lehman College has two partnership contracts with the NYIT College of Medicine. “University resources” are all resources available to a university member directly because of their university membership that would otherwise not be available to a non-academic person, including, but not limited to, financial resources and support, facilities, equipment, supplies, services, non-faculty-oriented university staff, students, recreation and sabbaticals. The correspondence agreements between the City of New York and the Municipal Labour Committee of June 28, 2018 and August 31, 2018 relate to contributions to health savings and the Social Fund with respect to CUNY and the CSP and are attached (Annex 1). Section 26 is amended to reflect per capita contributions under the MLC correspondence agreements. The Office of the General Council works with legal staff in higher education institutions to lead the application, negotiation and enforcement process for membership agreements. This document for process-FAQs affiliations describes the process and answers questions about referral contracts.

Approval and ratification: This agreement is subject to approval by the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York and ratification by membership of the Professional Staff Congress/Cuny and is subject to state and city funding guidelines, as well as cost analyses from New York State and New York City. If the graduate assistant B also holds a part-time or other hour position, his total allowance must not exceed 270 hours of contact or 450 hours of non-pedagogical nerver assignment during the working year. . The university means the University of New York City. . The authority and responsibility for this policy rests with the Chancellor. The Clerk may seek the advice and support of the Intellectual Property Committee (as described in section V.E). Responsibility for policy management at the university level is delegated to the designated person at each college. No more than two faculty members in addition to the Dean for Research and Executive Evaluation. With effect as of January 1, 2020, no more than three teaching staff members are acting in addition to the Dean of Research and Evaluation, provided that the representation status of an existing staff member is changed as long as he remains in his current position.

The CSP`s commitment to pay $9.76 million for this transaction is advanced and will be derived from the 2017-2023 successor`s account. Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism At CUNY 11/01/2022 2% salary increase applies for hourly rates for teaching Adjuncts in medical series titles, Law School Series Titles, Resident Series Titles, Graduate School of Journalism Series Titles and Executive Programs in the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College Series Titles, whose compensation and workload must continue in accordance with past practices and the collective agreement.

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