Construction Agreement Sample Malaysia

By on 15 September 2021.

AIAC`s Standard Form of Contracts (SFC) is a series of standard form contracts that are customizable and freely available for printing and downloading. AIAC`s SFC was inspired by the dominant issues facing the Malaysian construction industry to fill gaps in existing standard form construction contracts in regulating the relationships, rights and obligations of parties to a construction project. It is user-friendly, uses plain language and contains clearer provisions to help users interpret the contract. AIAC`s SFC is Malaysia`s first suite of CIPAA-compliant construction contracts and contains more mechanisms for the parties to resolve disputes and blockages, including mediation, thus encouraging the parties to continue working despite disputes, while preserving the rights of the parties until their completion. The hallmark of AIAC`s CFS is the continuity of work and labour relations. All information contained therein should not be construed as legal advice. These contracts are of a general nature and cannot replace the advice of a licensed professional. AIAC 2019 SFC presents the contract administrator responsible for deleging roles, monitoring the contract, and ensuring controls and balances. By merging quantities with and without volumes, the AIAC 2019 SFC provides more clarity for users as it eliminates the need to distinguish between contracts. If you have any general questions, comments or comments about AIAC`SFC, contact us here to help you serve yourself better.

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