Ciee Placement Agreement Form

By on 8 April 2021.

Want to know more about what it`s like to teach abroad? Check out our Facebook page (@cieeteachabroad) and our Instagram account (@cieeteach – #cieeteach)! 7) You must bring the original copy of your police certificate to the United States for your camp. Otherwise, this may lead to your immediate termination and you will be subject to the associated costs, as described in the “Summer Contract” section of this Agreement. 7) You agree that Smaller Earth can take all necessary measures regarding your health and safety, without any liability or cost. This may belong, but is not limited to: your accommodation in a hospital, access to medical services and transportation to your home country at your own expense. 5) If no internship is offered by a camp before June 15, 2020, your application will be withdrawn from the program and a full refund will be made. If you disable an investment (except through the camp employer that does not correspond to the inside and the other, i.e. the preferences or availability indicated in your application), this policy is denied and all refunds are at The absolute discretion of Smaller Earth. CIEE gave a lot of information on how to teach in South Korea, what is expected culturally and how the process works. They provided my TEFL, they helped me apply, and they corresponded with Korea for the sending and validity of my documents. There were also webinars and pre-business training on how to have a successful transition and move. 3) Your camp, via Smaller Earth, will inform you of your travel arrangements from your arrival airport to the United States.

11) The smaller land does not or in any way assume responsibility for the operation of the encampment in which you are housed. The management of each is left to the exclusive discretion of its owner and/or director. Therefore, The Minor Land cannot and assume no responsibility for any decision or action, whatever its nature, taken by the warehouse owner and/or the manager or on behalf of the owner or warehouse manager. If you feel that you have any losses, injuries or damages as a result of such decisions, actions or remissions, your right of appeal rests with the camp. Their acceptance of an investment depends on it. Support for your travel arrangements from the U.S. airport to your place of placement. 8) The placement of FT members may take place at any time between the closing of the full application and June 15, 2020. The smaller land reserves the right to complete all investments by June 15, 2020, but after June 1, 2020, if you think a reasonable investment is no longer possible. Placement means the date a camp confirms they want to define you, and at that point, your online profile `Placement Status` changes to `Confirmed`. 7) You must inform the smaller land if you have relatives living in the United States. If you do not provide this information, this may affect your J-1 visa application and result in your withdrawal from the program, and all previous payments expire.

10 You are subject to the rules and regulations of the warehouse where you are staying. This may (but is not limited to): smoking ban; No drinking; No drug use No inappropriate relationships with minors; Put in place a curfew; The politics of the time and the acceleration of American law. You understand that you will live in a very simple cabin, tent or dormitory with other staff and/or campers and that you will not be able to live in privacy regularly or not at all.

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