Bwz Learning Agreement

By on 4 December 2020.

Invitation letters are prepared after the receipt of the required documents and the acceptance of the apprenticeship agreement by a faculty coordinator, no later than 4 weeks after the provision of complete documents, in accordance with Erasmus agreements with partner universities. (Agreements, teacher exchanges, international organisations) Room 324; Phone: (4822) 834 04 31, ext. 335 E-mail: and complete the online survey on the website – contact your faculty coordinator to submit documents from the partner university confirmed by the EEZ. With him, go to your faculty`s dean of full-time studies. You will receive studies abroad on the basis of TR and confirmation of your Erasmus stay. Visit the Office of Cooperation with Abroad (EEZ) at The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn ( and check out the Erasmus offer. Which universities your faculty has entered into a bilateral agreement for the exchange of erasmus students in Uwm to Olsztyn.Information on the starting conditions under the programme is also available on the website and on the The procedure for concluding bilateral agreements by CHU units is described here. When you arrive at a foreign university, it often turns out that, for various reasons, it is not possible to complete all the pre-programmed courses.

Erasmus students receive a “mentor” appointed by the student union. Please contact Monika Roman, Mentors Coordinator ( to find out the name of the mentor. 5. Certificate from the Student Service Center on obtaining a social scholarship for students. Summer 2018/19 – only applies to students who have reported receiving a type at USOSweb in the qualification phase. U-Us Social Services. Summer 2018/19 and will go to partrasmus studies with a PO QUI scholarship in PLN. ⇒ apprenticeship agreement – does not apply to Erasmus fellows concluded by students in agreement with the faculty coordinator/exchange manager.

A foreign university can submit its own standard form. Online registration – mandatory (possible only if the recruitment deadline is open) Setting for travel under pre. Erasmus is managed by coordinators in the various departments. It is also worth sourcing with a EURO>26 card, whose holder is insured in addition to the right to various discounts, but also against accidents. The interchange can obtain a license for a professional language course in the online linguistic support system. The online language course contains the following: The contract can be signed in the U.S. ZEE about 100,000 pln.

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