Bcbs Participation Agreement

By on 4 December 2020.

Note: A BCBSNM file record does not automatically activate the NM network. Complaints are processed by a-network until the provider has requested, approved and activated the network. Note: The BCBSNM requirement for ProView does not apply to providers participating in delegated deposit contracts or practising exclusively in a hospital-based environment. BCBSNM requires full certification of the doctors listed below and other professionals to participate in the networks. If you`re already registered with CAQH and you`ve completed your ProView app by participating in another health plan, log in to ProView and add BCBSNM as one of the health plans that can access your information. If you are not currently registered with CAQH, BCBSNM adds your name to its rollboard with CAQH. THE CAQH will then send you the access and registration instructions with your personal caQH provider ID, so you can immediately access ProView via the Internet to complete and submit your application. This will help you meet the requirements of your contract/provider contract in order to continue your participation in BCBSNM networks. If you have applied on the CAQH website and have confirmed that your application is complete, you must send an email to the Blue Cross NC registration information service in credentialing@bcbsnc.com to inform us that you have completed the application process.

We can then access your application and supporting documents to complete the verification process. The verification process does not begin until we have been contacted. 1 Completion or completion of one or more steps does not guarantee participation in a BCBSNM network and does not confer any rights on the applicant. No communication from BCBSNM during these steps is an acceptable offer. Participation requires the counter-execution of a participation agreement by BCBSNM, under which SichmbM reserves unlimited discretion to the extent most permitted by law. Make sure the login app is in the “completed” phase before contacting us. Any other phase (z.B. “Submitted,” “First Provider Contact”) causes the registration process to slow down. Discover our online solution to determine the status of the claim, verify benefits, determine eligibility and make transfer requests. See Blues Provider Reference Manual, Section 16 – Registration Note: BCBSNM may need to complete, specify or confirm some responses to your application with you.

Therefore, in certain situations, you must provide us with additional documentation in addition to the information you provide via ProView. The contract process takes 30 days from the date you receive confirmation of the NPI registration. In the meantime, make sure the blue e and EFT recording is complete. You`ll find instructions in your registration letter. . We have developed a new process for professional supplier groups and solo practitioners to further facilitate entry into our networks. Professional supplier groups and solo practitioners must follow the steps described below to apply for membership. We look forward to working with you! Tax Identity Card (pdf) Tax Identification Instructions (pdf) From Oct.

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