Act Government Collective Agreement

By on 8 September 2021.

The ACT Public Sector Education and Training Directorate (Teaching Staff) Enterprise Agreement is the agreement under which school teachers and psychologists work. It is a formal, legally enforceable agreement that we regularly enter into with the ACT government and defines compensation, allowances, leave, workload and much more. If a collective agreement contains a provision regarding the following matters and the provisions meet or exceed the requirements of the law, the corresponding parts of the law do not apply: consult your company agreement to make sure you know your rights and rights. If you can`t find what you need to know, you can check out our fact sheets or ask a question here. 2. Where a collective agreement contains provisions that accuse an area set out in column 1 of the table below with respect to a fact, the provisions, when considered together, meet or exceed the requirements of the Part or Division of this Act, which are listed in relation to the matter in column 2 of the table, these provisions of the collective agreement replace the requirements of that part or section of the Act with respect to work: ehmer which is under collective agreement: If a collective agreement does not contain any provision on any of these areas or if it does not meet or exceed the requirements of the Law, the corresponding part or section of the Act, as set out above, with the exception of section 37, is considered to be included in the collective agreement. All disputes relating to the application, interpretation or application of any part or provision of the Act that are considered to be included in a collective agreement under section 3(3) must be resolved through the redress procedures provided for in the collective agreement. (See Article 3(7) below) For the purposes of dispute settlement, the appeal procedure contained in the collective agreement or, where applicable, contained in the collective agreement provided for in Article 84(3) of the Employment Relations Regulation shall apply. (8) Where an arbitral body, notwithstanding Article 3(6), takes a decision in the case of a case referred to in Article 3(7) and the decision relates to wages, the Conciliation Body may refer the decision back to the Director for the purpose of recovering wages and, to that end, the Director may recover the wages referred to in Articles 87 to 97 and 99: as if the decision of the Conciliation Body were an order of the General Court.

(9) In Article 3( 8), the “arbitration body” has the same meaning as in Part 8 of the Employment Relations Code. Start by going to our document search and trying to search for a full text for agreements. Company agreements can be tailored to the needs of certain companies. An agreement must improve the overall situation of an employee in relation to the corresponding price or prices. The current agreement on school assistants entered into force on 3 April 2019. Example A worker who is covered by a collective agreement contacts Employment Standards because he or she has not received vacation pay. The director is not competent for this right and the worker would be referred to his union. This section provides that the Employment Standards Act applies to all provincially regulated workers who are not excluded by rules and specifies how the Act applies to workers covered by a collective agreement. Workers whose work falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government are outside the jurisdiction of the law. The Supreme Court of Canada has the final authority to resolve jurisdictional disputes.

Section 91 of the Constitution Act defines the areas of exclusive federal jurisdiction, including Section 3(3) [if the requirements of that Act are considered included in collective agreements] Our school assistants work under the ACT Public Sector Administrative and Related Classifications Enterprise Agreement. . . .

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